Film still 'A Room for Romeo Brass', 1999, courtesy Company Pictures

The story of two twelve-year-old boys whose friendship is tested by an older interloper.

A Room for Romeo Brass is in part inspired by writer and director Shane Meadows’s own youth in the Midlands. A moving coming-of-age film that is by turns harsh, humorous and unsettling. The main protagonists, Romeo Brass and Gavin ‘Knocks’ Wooley, are neighbours on a housing estate and neither has an easy home life. They first meet the slightly older eccentric character of Morell when he steps in to help fight off a group of bullies, but as the new relationship progresses, and Morell begins to pursue Romeo’s older sister, a wedge is driven between the friends.

This film has been selected by Naomi Frears, who will introduce the screening. Naomi Frears is an artist based at Porthmeor Studios, St Ives. She works across media, making films as well as printmaking and painting. 

The screening programme at CAST is supported by the generous loan of equipment by Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange.

Friday 8 November 2019 7pm Free admission
All welcome

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