Film still from 'Time and Energy', 2014, Anna Best

Cult documentary film The Moon and The Sledgehammer, 1971, celebrates the eccentric life and philosophies of a family in Sussex. The elderly Mr Page and his adult children Jim, Pete, Nancy and Kath live in a ramshackle house in a wood twenty miles south of London. The trees cut the Pages off completely from the outside world, and isolated in their island-clearing they let the 20th Century slowly pass them by. The film consists of interviews with the Page family interspersed with footage of their lives in the woods.

The film has been chosen by artist Anna Best who will give a brief introduction. She will also screen her own work Time and Energy (2014), a short film about the fragility of utopian living in a rural situation.

CAST Café food from 6.30pm, something hot and something sweet for £6.50.

The public programme at CAST is supported by Arts Council England, as part of Groundwork 2016-18, which has been awarded Ambition for Excellence funding. Ambition for Excellence is a new programme aimed at stimulating and supporting ambition, talent and excellence across the arts sector in England. The fund aims to have significant impact on the growth of an ambitious international-facing arts infrastructure, especially outside London.

Friday 3 November 2017 7.30pm Free admission
All welcome