Image: still from 'Radio On', 1979, courtesy of the British Film Institute

Chris Petit’s cult classic Radio On was a striking debut in British cinema. The film stars David Beames as a young London DJ on his way to Bristol to investigate the mysterious death of his brother. As he travels through factories, motorways and cafés the dull grey lifelessness of urban Britain bleeds into the damp, equally grey rural belt. Crammed with evocative depictions of the English landscape and weather, Radio On offers a unique and compelling vision of late 1970s England.

Shot in black and white by Martin Schäfer and driven by a soundtrack featuring artists such as David Bowie, Kraftwerk and Ian Dury, this stylishly gloomy road movie is a peculiar exception in a British cinema rarely given to following highways.

This film has been chosen by filmmaker Mark Jenkin who will give a short introduction.

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