Damián Szifron, 'Wild Tales' (2014). Film still courtesy Curzon Cinemas
Damián Szifron, 'Wild Tales' (2014). Film still courtesy Curzon Cinemas

Wild Tales is a Spanish-language black comedy anthology, made in 2014 by the Argentine filmmaker Damián Szifron. The film is a co-production between Argentina and Spain, and comprises six standalone shorts which explore Szifron’s understanding of Western capitalist society as a cage. There are common themes of catharsis, violence and vengeance, as moments of intense frustration release repressed animalistic tendencies and the veneer of polite, socialised behaviour begins to break down.

The film has received critical acclaim for its cast, humour, cinematography and music. It has been awarded multiple Platino Awards, as well as a Goya Award and a BAFTA, and is the most-seen Argentinian film of all time.

This film has been selected by artist Georgia Gendall. Georgia lives and works in Cornwall and until recently had a studio at CAST. She has exhibited both locally and internationally and often organises public events as part of her practice, the most recent being the Falmouth Worm Charming Championships.

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