Image courtesy Lucy Grant
Imaginative play at Cober Camp, CAST-Off, August 2020
Stone maze making, courtesy Nicola Bealing
A child's portrait of Ben Sanderson, CAST-Off, August 2020
Ben's Den, CAST-Off, August 2020

Make a stone maze, create your own woodland fairy tale or paint on a rock.

Painter Nicola Bealing will lead a session making stone mazes, shapes and circles on Loe Bar beach, using stones collected from the beach. (You can park at Chyvarloe and walk down the track to the Bar.)

Lucy Grant, who devised the whole CAST-Off trail, will be at Cober Camp for fairy tales, making, drawing and play. Imagine who might be living secretly in the woods, where they are and what they are up to! (You’ll find a sign to Cober Camp near the footbridge from Mill Lane).

Painter Ben Sanderson will be in his den, the camp he has made near the stepping stones at Lowertown, where you can have a go at making paintings on rocks. There are signs from Lowertown to bring you to the right spot.

The CAST-Off programme is presented with the generous support of The Garcia Family Foundation, with assistance from Arts Council England, Cornwall Heritage Trust, Feast and Little Parc Owles Trust. 

Saturday 15 August, 10am-12noon and 2pm-4pm Free activities

All welcome

Pick up an activity map, sketchbook and pencil from CAST in Helston, the Stables Café on Penrose Estate or Lakeside Café at Coronation Park.