Image: origami boat racing, CAST-Off, August 2020
Image: origami boat building, CAST-Off, August 2020
Image: Cober Camp, CAST-Off, August 2020
Image: Ben's Den, CAST-Off, August 2020
Image: origami boat racing, CAST-Off, August 2020

Race boats on the Cober River, learn how to make calzone on a camp fire and visit Cober Camp as you explore the CAST-Off Trail.

Tim Pryke will demonstrate how to make origami paper boats and race them down the Cober, from the footbridge near the Fairground Car Park. Artist Ben Sanderson will be joined by Jack Bevan who will be cooking stuffed flat breads on an open fire in Ben’s Den, situated near to the stepping stones in Lowertown. Lucy Grant, who devised the whole CAST-OFF trail, will be at Cober Camp (situated near to St Johns bridge across the Cober) to offer inspiration.

There’s more to come every Tuesday and Saturday, including sessions on pigment making, clay modelling, kite making, boat building, labyrinth plotting, granite bashing, and just listening quietly to the sounds around.

The CAST-Off programme is presented with the generous support of The Garcia Family Foundation, with assistance from Arts Council England, Cornwall Heritage Trust, Feast and Little Parc Owles Trust. 

Saturday 8 August, 10am-12noon and 2pm-4pm Free activities

All welcome

Pick up an activity map, sketchbook and pencil from CAST in Helston, the Stables Café on Penrose Estate or Lakeside Café at Coronation Park.