Selvagem, 'Flecha Selvagem' (2021), © Livia Serri Francoio
Selvagem, 'Flecha Selvagem' (2021). Film still courtesy the artist. Image: Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon, 'Híbridos, the spirits of Brazil: Maracatu Rural' (2014-2018), Petites Planètes, Feever Filmes.
Selvagem, 'Flecha Selvagem' (2021). Film still courtesy the artist. Image: Paulo Desana, 'Pamürimasa' (the 'Spirits of Transformation' or 'who came out of the river water') (2021).
Selvagem, 'Flecha Selvagem' (2021). Film still courtesy the artist. Image: drawing by Torãmü Këhíri (Luiz Gomes Lana) from the Desana people for the book 'Antes o mundo não existia' ('Before, there was no world') (Dantes, 2019).

Eden Project present Flecha Selvagem / Wild Arrows, part of a seven-part series of short films by Brazilian collective Selvagem. 

Eden Project curators Misha Curson and Hannah Hooks will introduce The Sun and the Flower, Metamorphosis and The Jungle and the Sap, three short films that are part of a seven-part cycle of studies on life that combines indigenous knowledge with western scientific and philosophical perspectives to show the wonder of the interconnected world. There will also be an opportunity to see a specially recorded interview with Anna Dantes, one of the creators of the Selvagem collective. 

Selvagem are an intersectional indigenous-led collective whose work is centered around creationism and re-enchantment, exploring different ways of knowing and listening, and connecting the dots between knowledge, activism, creativity and culture change. 

The full Flecha Selvagem / Wild Arrows programme will be screened as a looped installation in CAST’s black box space from Friday 20 January. There will be a second evening screening event on Thursday 9 February.  

To book for the screening evening on Thursday 19 January click here.

The Eden Project has partnered with CAST to present a programme of films exploring humankind’s relationship to nature as part of their exhibition Super Natural.

Thursday 19 January 2023 Admission £12.50, including CAST Café supper from 6pm 

Booking essential