Film still 'Ernest and Celestine' © Folivari
Film still 'Ernest and Celestine' © Folivari
Film poster 'Ernest and Celestine' © Folivari

A delightful comedy of an unlikely friendship between a mouse and a bear.

Celestine is a mouse who loves to draw, but, like all mice who live in her underground world, must study dentistry and travel above ground to collect the lost teeth of bear cubs from beneath their pillows (in France and parts of Belgium it is mice, not the tooth fairy, who do this important work). One evening she runs into trouble and a bear named Ernest tries to eat her, but Celestine convinces him to break into the basement of a sweet store and eat his fill there instead. The unlikely pair end up on the run from police forces from both bear and rodent communities, forming a strong friendship based on their shared love of music and art along the way. The film has a U classification.

These special screenings at CAST have been organised by the Museum of Cornish Life in partnership with Mor Media as part of Animate Helston.

Tuesday 22 February 2022 – Saturday 26 February 2022 Screenings start at 10.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm each day

Free admission, all welcome