Image courtesy Hannah Lawrence

Hannah Lawrence’s delicate hand-built pots are widely admired. This six-week course is suitable for all skill levels, introducing basic form-making techniques and more complex aspects such as handles, spouts and lids. The aim is to get participants inspired and confident to make real functional pottery for home and kitchen. Finished items can be glazed and fired (at a cost of £1 per 100g) and will be suitable for eating and drinking.

There are 10 places available, all enquiries and bookings should be made direct to Hannah – [email protected]

Hannah’s teaching methods for pinching pots are totally original and cannot be found in textbooks or on the internet. Born in Cornwall, she began working in pinch pottery fifteen years ago. Initially self-taught, she pioneered a sophisticated pinch pottery movement in Melbourne, Australia, before travelling to Shikoku, Japan to study the art of wood firing.

Tuesday 12 April 2022 – Tuesday 17 May 2022 Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm

Course cost £125