Selvagem, 'Flecha Selvagem' (2021), © Livia Serri Francoio
Selvagem, 'Flecha Selvagem' (2021). Film still courtesy the artist. Image: 'Effects of the Solar Wind', NASA (2019).
Selvagem, 'Flecha Selvagem' (2021). Film still courtesy the artist. Image: Paulo Desana, 'Pamürimasa' (the 'Spirits of Transformation' or 'who came out of the river water') (2021).
Selvagem, 'Flecha Selvagem' (2021). Film still courtesy the artist. Image: Heather Barnett, 'The Physarum Experiments, Study No. 024: Interspecies Encounter' (2016).

Presented by Eden Project at CAST, Flecha Selvagem / Wild Arrows is a seven-part series of short films by Brazilian collective Selvagem.

Selvagem are an intersectional indigenous-led collective whose work is centered around creationism and re-enchantment, exploring different ways of knowing and listening, and connecting the dots between knowledge, activism, creativity and culture change. Each film in the Wild Arrows series is composed of a series of composite images from diverse indigenous, artistic and scientific archives, interwoven with hand drawn animation and connected by a spoken narrative.

The Wild Arrows series is intended as a new way to open up questions and pluriversal narratives. The video works, along with downloadable notebooks, are provided as a free resource for schools, universities, cultural institutions and the wider public.

The Eden Project has partnered with CAST to present a programme of films exploring humankind’s relationship to nature as part of their exhibition Super Natural.

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