Image: 'Casa Fanti Ashanti (part 1)', film still. Courtesy HÍBRIDOS

HÍBRIDOS is a filmic archive of musical rituals from the spiritual traditions in Brazil. After presenting a short selection from the archive last month, CAST will present an extended programme for one day in March.

The films have been selected by Gina Buenfeld, curator of the exhibition Gäa: Holistic Science and Wisdom Tradition, and will be screened in the black box projection space at CAST in a looped sequence running for on hour. Gina Buenfeld has travelled extensively in Brazil and introduced a concert at CAST last month at which the artist Delfina Muñoz de Toro spoke about her experience of living with Amazonian communities that carry the teachings of indigenous cultures.

The HÍBRIDOS project is produced by Priscilla Telmon, Vincent Moon and Fernanda Abreu.

This programme is presented by CAST in association with the exhibition Gäa: Holistic Science and Wisdom Tradition at The Exchange, Penzance, until 18 May.

The public programme at CAST is currently supported from funds awarded by Arts Council England for the Groundwork programme. 

Saturday 23 March 2019 10am - 4pm Free admission
All welcome