Film still from 'Wind, Tide & Oar' (2024), courtesy Huw Wahl.
Film still featuring Rose Ravetz from 'Wind, Tide & Oar' (2024), courtesy Huw Wahl.
Film still from 'Wind, Tide & Oar' (2024), courtesy Huw Wahl.

For this special evening screening Huw Wahl will be joined in conversation by his sister Rose Ravetz, who introduced him to sailing on her Falmouth quay punt Defiance. This experience produced the first shoots of Huw’s project Wind, Tide & Oar, which grew into a sibling collaboration of multiple proportions.

Jude Brickhill, skipper of Guide Me, will also contribute to the event, with a description of a challenging passage around the Lizard, setting off from the Helford River to participate in the Sea Salts and Sail festival in Mousehole.

Using a 1960s hand-wound camera, Huw Wahl shot Wind, Tide & Oar over a three-year period. In that time, he followed a diverse array of traditional boats and the people who sail them as they journey through rivers, along coastlines, and across open seas.

The film offers a poetic perspective that uncovers the unique rhythms and motivations of engineless navigation and invites deep reflection on our relationship with the natural world. There are free daily screenings at CAST from 2 July to 10 August – find out more.

Huw Wahl is a filmmaker and artist who has earned international recognition and showcased his award-winning work globally. He uses analogue film to explore the transformative potential of creative action. His last film The Republics (2020), made in collaboration with the poet Stephen Watts, was shown at CAST in 2021.

Rose Ravetz‘s first sailing experience was crossing the Atlantic Ocean at age nineteen. Having left home with a dream to travel she spent four years on various ocean crossings and adventures, eventually reaching New Zealand, from where she then sailed back to Europe as a professional crew on the famous classic schooner Atlantic. Since her return, she has worked professionally for sail-cargo initiatives and sail-training charities, and as a traditional rigger on museum ships, including the Cutty Sark and HMS Gannet. She owns her 23ft engineless boat Defiance, which she restored.

Thursday 11 July 2024 Admission £15, including CAST Café supper from 6pm

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In the Black Box at CAST

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