Image supplied by Dinah Clark, c.1983, from the Pavilion archive, Feminist Archive North

Fowler and Fell’s film gathers interviews, images and documents to explore the history of Pavilion, the UK’s first feminist photography centre.

Luke Fowler is an internationally celebrated artist filmmaker and musician based in Glasgow. His films are known for a sensitive approach to archival footage, photography and sound. Mark Fell is an artist, writer and composer recognised particularly for his work with sound.

Operating out of former park premises in Leeds, Pavilion was formed in 1983, the first photography centre of its kind dedicated to representing and supporting the production of women’s photography.

The filmmakers consider their own approach to a radical shift in narrative photography as women found the means to tell their own stories. Luke Fowler describes their motivation to re-engage with a ‘fight against patriarchal domination in the 1980s, not just in art photography but in image culture in general, and the way women were being represented (often by male authors)’. Following its initial screening in Leeds, the work has been screened extensively including at The Modern Institute (Glasgow) and at MoMA (New York).

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