Pagan Pandemonium © Seamas Carey

Seamas Carey returns to the Godolphin Club to deliver a work-in-progress performance of his new show Pagan Pandemonium – an interactive history lesson about ancient Cornish and British folklore customs and rituals, told through the medium of a Japanese game show.

Seamas says, “Most of the ancient pagan traditions that we celebrate today are based on the themes of sex and death (the main subjects that occupy us as humans). Yet how can we explore and deconstruct these massive topics and rituals through the medium of a Japanese game show using large inflatables?”

Join Seamas and participate in pandemonium!

An independent production by Seamas Carey, presented with the support of CAST

Wednesday 15 January 2020 7.30pm The Godolphin Club, Wendron Street, Helston 

Free admission

All welcome

Supper will be on offer at CAST Café before the show: something hot and something sweet from £8 for two courses, serving from 6pm