Smallholdings near Carnmenellis. Image courtesy of Steve Hartgroves

Artists Jesse Leroy Smith and Bernard Irwin will lead a workshop mapping the histories and landscapes of Cornwall’s mining heritage. As part of the World Heritage Site’s ‘Tinth Anniversary’ celebrations, their project at CAST will focus on the Wendron Mining District and will explore the ways in which smallholdings and farms developed in relation to the mining industry.

The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site is made up of ten distinct areas within Cornwall and West Devon. These were all mineral mining districts during the industry’s period of greatest international impact, from 1700 to 1914. The landscapes are made up of a great variety of visually arresting industrial, public and domestic buildings and related structures and landforms left behind by the progress of innovative deep mining technology. Equally important is the distinctive mining culture that created this amazing landscape and which was subsequently exported across the world. World Heritage Site status recognises the contribution that the people who shaped this landscape made to the development of the modern world.

Inspired by historical ‘tithe maps’ and using projections and diverse materials, Jesse and Bernard will create a huge wall of patchwork collage, depicting the impact of mining on surrounding fields, smallholdings and dwellings. A time lapse film will document the landscape developing over ‘centuries’ and in a day. Drop into CAST at any time during the workshop to share stories, ideas and knowledge and bring along any relevant photos, maps or stories if you can.

Jesse Leroy Smith and Bernard Irwin plan to use coloured wools to sew the elements of the collage together. They are appealing for donations of any coloured knitting wools that can be brought to the CAST building on Thursday. The results of the Picturing the Mines workshop will remain on show at CAST during the open studios weekend.

CAST Café will be open throughout the day on Thursday 23 June, serving coffee, cakes and delicious lunches.

Thursday 23 June 2016 11am - 7pm The workshop is free and all are welcome