CAST Café presents an illustrated talk by Mark Brightwell.

Mark Brightwell’s first experience of Nepal came nearly ten years ago as a young second Lieutenant in the Royal Gurkha Rifles. He was sent there to learn the language of the soldiers he would command and to work for the Gurkha Welfare Trust in supporting ex-Gurkhas, their dependents and communities.

Eight year later, having left the army, he returned to work on micro-hydro and drinking water projects. He also travelled and worked as a photographer, circumnavigating the Annapurna mountain range, pioneering some new routes and reviving some mostly forgotten ones.

None of this experience could truly prepare him for the Nepal he has just experienced in the months following the earthquakes.

A CAST Café supper will be served beforehand from 6pm, something hot and something sweet for £6.

Thursday 6 August 2015 7pm Free admission
All welcome