Seaweed, courtesy The Seaweed Institute
Example of seaweed pressing, courtesy The Seaweed Institute
Seaweed collecting, courtesy The Seaweed Institute

A workshop at CAST organised by The Seaweed Institute as part of their National Lottery funded project

Seaweeds of the Lizard, exploring and collecting seaweeds and their stories. The Seaweed Institute is run by Kerry Holbrook, who studied Biological Science at the University of Bristol, and and Ruth Klückers, who graduated from the Man and Food Department at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Both specialised in studying seaweed through their different disciplines. Whilst working together at the Cornish Seaweed Company, Kerry and Ruth have co-founded The Seaweed Institute, an educational CIC that specialises in running workshops to connect people with seaweed and educate them about this abundant local resource.

At the workshop on Saturday 12 November Kerry and Ruth will discuss identification, the cultural history and uses of seaweed, and offer a chance to taste its varying flavours. Participants will learn the craft of seaweed pressing – a Victorian practice that captures the underwater beauty of seaweeds – and will lay out a design in a special seaweed press. The seaweeds will then need to dry over the coming weeks before being collected from CAST.  Kerry and Ruth will digitalise all the pressings to create a herbarium of local seaweed species from around the Lizard for a Seaweeds of the Lizard publication.

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Sunday 11 December 2022 3-6pm Admission free

Booking essential

Suitable for adults and accompanied children 

Please note ticket priority will be given to residents of postcodes TR12 and TR13.