Image: courtesy Lucy Grant

Lucy Grant and Kate Turner will lead free activities for children and families on four Tuesdays during the school holidays. Hands-on workshops in the art laboratory accompanied by immersive journeys of the imagination in CAST’s ‘black box’ space.

Designed for families with children aged four and up, drop-in workshops and activities encourage young minds and busy hands to explore materials and let loose their imaginations. All materials are provided but donations towards costs are always welcome.

Tuesday 30 July | The Adventurous Rhododendron
Travel back in time in search of the origins of the surprisingly adventurous rhododendron. Examine plants, flowers and seeds in the CAST Herbarium and follow in the footsteps of Joseph Dalton Hooker on a botanical expedition to the Himalayas.

Tuesday 6 August | Forbidden Planets
Blast off to another planet and make your mark off world, but don’t forget to make and take the right equipment! Make your own ray guns, communicators and space gear in the Art Lab and voyage into space in the black box studio.

Tuesday 13 August | Land of the Arachnids!
Uh-oh – who shrunk the kids? Find yourself lost in a bug’s eye view of life in the back garden and find out why it might be a good idea to have eight legs and eyes!

Tuesday 20 August | Time Machine
Travel back in time in an old black and white TV cabinet and scroll through the channels to experience life the way the oldies did. See how we’ve changed and what life was like when knobs, diodes and crank handles were the height of technology!

Tuesdays 6 – 20 August | Jonathan Polkest’s amazing camera obscura
Back by popular demand, the magical DIY portrait machine will be sited on the Café terrace. Amaze your friends and impress your mum with your new found powers to draw an uncanny likeness of all the family.

On two Saturdays in August there will be special one-off events: Seamas Carey’s magical musical summer parade on Saturday 3 August and Lost in Space – a Big Data workshop with Tariq Rashid on Saturday 10 August. 

CAST’s Summer Think and Make programme is funded by the Garcia Family Foundation.

Tuesday 30 July 2019 – Tuesday 20 August 2019 Tuesday workshops: drop-in between 10am and 4pm Free admission
All welcome
For enquiries please email [email protected]