Film still from 'The Directors: Marcus', Marcus Coates (2022). Produced by Artangel and commissioned with Art Fund Support

The Directors is a collaboration between artist Marcus Coates and five individuals in recovery from different lived experiences of psychosis. Positioned behind the camera, each of them directs Coates in a filmed re-staging of a particular episode from their life.

Following extensive research and discussion, the five short films challenge cultural stigma through an attempt to understand different realities. Each director chose a location of personal significance where Coates was filmed embodying and performing their  experiences.

The Directors consists of five films each between 16 and 27 minutes long, the programme has a total run time of 1 hour 50 min. Each film can be viewed as a stand alone piece.

Marcus Coates is best known for video work in which he is the main protagonist. His work often creates new ways of addressing cultural, political and social barriers. A foundation of empathy and trust is essential to his collaborations with members of the public, organisations, institutions and experts from a wide range of disciplines. His deep engagement with natural history has also led to attempts to re-imagine and inhabit the perspectives of other species.

Marcus Coates will visit Cornwall to give talks at CAST on Thursday 8 February and at the School of Film and Television at Falmouth University on 9 February.

Guidance note:
The films contain scenes that some viewers may find distressing. Personal experiences are discussed across all the films. These include psychosis, hearing voices, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, intrusive thoughts, obsessive compulsive disorder, suicide, self-harm and anxiety. Some of the films also contain strong language and sexual references. Viewer discretion and breaks in viewing are advised.

Helston-based psychoanalyst Tom Greenall will be at CAST and available for conversation related to the films’ content from 6.30pm on Friday 2 February and during the day on Saturday 10 February.

The Directors is produced by Artangel and commissioned with Art Fund Support.With special thanks to The Executive Producers for their generosity: Andrew Abdulezer, Martine d’Anglejan-Chatillon, James Brett, Robert Devereux, Gerry Fox, Gabriela Galcerán Ball, Kate MacGarry, Gabrielle Rifkind & Jonathan Levy, The Sigrid Rausing Trust and those who wish to remain anonymous. Read more about the project and access resources here. 

The Directors is part of The Artangel Collection, an initiative to bring outstanding film and video works, commissioned and produced by Artangel, to galleries and museums across the UK and internationally. The Artangel Collection has been developed in partnership with Tate, is generously supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and The Foyle Foundation, and uses public funding from Arts Council England.



Tuesday 30 January 2024 – Saturday 10 February 2024 Looped screenings
10am - 4pm
Tuesday to Saturday

Late screenings:

Friday 2 February until 8pm
Saturday 10 February until 6pm

Free admission, all welcome

The films contain scenes some viewers may find distressing. Please see our guidance note.

In the Black Box at CAST