CAST-Off 2022

Making flower crowns, CAST-Off 2022
Stone carving, CAST-Off 2022
Wood construction, CAST-Off 2022
Pigment painting, CAST-Off 2022
Cyanotypes, CAST-Off 2022
Pigment painting, CAST-Off 2022
Serpentine polishing, CAST-Off 2022
Pigment painting, CAST-Off 2022

After the success of CAST-Off in 2020 and 2021, we organised a third edition of this hugely popular programme in 2022. We also piloted a series of four events on the Lizard peninsula, CAST-Away, which took creative activities direct to local villages and communities.

CAST-Off provides activities focused on the needs of children and families, particularly following the pandemic, offering direct and unmediated (rather than screen-based) creative engagement, informal and spontaneous social interactions, experiences of diverse materials and ways of making, and contact with artists who have a wide range of professional skills and practices.

In 2022 there were four days of CAST-Off activities in the walled garden at National Trust Penrose. Each provided a range of creative activities including brick-making, brush-making, clay construction, cyanotype, felt pebble pouches, pine-cone people, serpentine polishing, stone carving, pigment painting, wildflower crowns and wood construction.

CAST’s learning specialist Lucy Grant designed a beautiful new activity map, encouraging families to explore the natural environments between Helston and Loe Bar and suggesting lots of things for children to do and discover in their own time.

We should like to thank The National Lottery Community Fund, FEAST, the Garcia Family Foundation and Helston Town Council for their generous support, without which CAST-Off and CAST-Away 2022 would not have been possible.