A collection of online content created by CAST studio artists and contributors to CAST’s public programme whilst the global Covid-19 pandemic meant the doors of the CAST building remained closed to the public.

Dom Bailey, chef-manager of CAST Café, and CAST studio holder Ben Sanderson explored roads less travelled out of Helston and slightly further afield, creating a series of Sound Walk podcasts.

We invited artists and writers who have been part of CAST’s recent programme to write about their lives in lockdown.

CAST’s resourceful learning specialist, Lucy Grant, produced a series of ‘Think and Make’ animations and resources, demonstrating simple creative ideas for children and families to try at home.

There is also a report from studio artist Nicola Bealing about her March residency at the Centro de las Artes de San Agustín Etla (CaSa) in Oaxaca, Mexico.