Dom Bailey, chef-manager of CAST Café, and CAST studio holder Ben Sanderson take a circular walk from Towednack near St Ives to Zennor. The lockdown and restrictions on travel have led to an intensification of interest in the local. Keeping socially distanced, Dom and Ben have been exploring roads less travelled.

If you are in the Zennor area and would like to follow the same route, here are the directions and a link to a map:

The start and finish point is the church at Towednack. There is enough room in a lay-by on the road for a couple of cars.

From the lay-by walk up the track to the church. A public footpath leads to Beagletodn, from where a track leads on to the open heathland. A path then leaves the track on the right and climbs a shallow valley to reach the downland plateau at an obvious and distinctive kissing gate. Zennor Quoit can be found a few hundred yards on from the gate. Carne Cottage and the summit rocks of Zennor Hill are a few hundred yards further on. From Zennor Hill a footpath heads down and south from the southern end of the summit into the valley below and then traverses the hillside above the valley bottom to emerge on to the B3306. Follow the road downhill and then take the lane into the village. At the church of St Senara, turn right, past the village hall and follow the field path past a number of farmsteads as far as Trevessa Farm. Head right on the lane for a hundred yards or so, and then take the footpath through the fields back to the B3306. Go downhill as far as the junction with the small road that heads back to Towednack.