Water and Stone’s keynote lecture was given by urban geologist Dr Ruth Siddall of University College London. Stories of Cornish Granite, provided an overview of Cornish granite, where it’s gone in the world and what it has been used for.

Dr Ruth Siddall is a geologist specialising in the study of minerals and rocks used in cultural heritage. She has worked extensively on the characterisation and analysis of artists’ pigments, ceramics and building materials, including mortars, bricks and stone. She is a co-author of The Pigment Compendium and is actively engaged in earth science-related outreach. She is currently collaborating in research studying materiality with colleagues at UCL Slade School of Fine Art. She regularly leads guided walks unveiling the geological sources of London’s built heritage. www.ucl.ac.uk

The talk was documented by filmmaker Ollie Smith.

Water and Stone was supported by FEAST, Helston Town Council, Cornwall Heritage Trust and The Curry Fund. The project was also supported by Cornwall Council’s Community Chest small grants scheme, with individual grants from Councillors Guy Foreman (Helston South & Meneage) and Mike Thomas (Helston North).