As part of Water and Stone a programme of illustrated talks took place in CAST’s black box screening space. The programme was closed with a richly illustrated talk by artist Richard Wentworth. See how you go, draws on Wentworth’s constant fascination with the specificities of the urban landscape, the pleasures of looking and detection involved in understanding the materials and processes involved in the making of a built environment.

Richard Wentworth has played a leading role in British sculpture since the end of the 1970s. His work, encircling the notion of objects and their use as part of our day-to-day experiences, has altered the traditional definition of sculpture as well as photography. By transforming and manipulating industrial and/or found objects into works of art, Wentworth subverts their original function and extends our understanding of them by breaking the conventional system of classification. His sculptural arrangments play with the notion of ready made and the juxtaposition of objects that bear no relation to each other, whereas in photography, as in the ongoing series Making Do and Getting By, Wentworth documents the everyday, paying attention to objects, occasional and involuntary geometries as well as uncanny situations that often go unnoticed.

The talk was documented by filmmaker Ollie Smith.

Water and Stone was supported by FEAST, Helston Town Council, Cornwall Heritage Trust and The Curry Fund. The project was also supported by Cornwall Council’s Community Chest small grants scheme, with individual grants from Councillors Guy Foreman (Helston South & Meneage) and Mike Thomas (Helston North).